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JUST broke up, need to talk to someone (ie this board)

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Just broke up with a girlfriend I was totally in love with (although she did treat me badly) a few hours ago. I forgot how bad this whole breakup thing feels. If you wanna know the whole story you can read the other thread I had started.


Just don't feel like I will ever be able to trust my heart to someone else ya know? Like I will never again find someone I am 100% comfortable around like I was with her. Someone I could totally melt into. I am way too sensitive for this relationship stuff, I should drop out I think.


Sorry, it's still a fresh breakup so I am pretty sad right now, trying to see the computer screen through the tears and all so needless to say emotions are running high. I think the worst of it is when my imagination gets away from me and I start picturing her with someone else or something. That's what hurts the most. Thanks for letting me just spill these things out into the open like this. Any replys would be great, this board has always been good to me. By the way, any good tips on getting over something like this? I am pretty short on ideas at the moment. Thanks a mil.


That broken hearted guy,



P.S. Thanks again, I just really am short on people to talk to at the moment. I have my aim and msn info on here just incase anyone wants to say hi. But reading this alone is more than enough, just thanks for listening.

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I know what you're going through bro. If you look at my last threads, me and my girlfriend broke up saying we love each other and i think thats what hurt the most. I know i doesn't seem like it right now, but it gets better. The first couple of days after my break up, i was picturing her with other guys, thinking that that was the best girl i'll ever get and will never find someone else. It really hurts and it really sucks. Go out with you're friends or familly or who ever. Don't be alone. Force your self to go out and do things. She's going to be on your mind for a while but don't let it interfere with your life. Don't contact her and just concentrate on you. Be good to yourself, move on. I know it doesn't seem like it but it gets so much better. Trust me, you'll find someone a lot better. I hope this helped you out. PM if you need to talk.

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I know how you feel man...it sucks...

Been broken up with the ex for 2.5 months now and It still hurts and I still love her. It's gets easier with time and helps when you start dating as well.I've been dating more lately and it's nice.Still love the ex but dating puts you out in the game..

I agree with stiker24 though.You have keep busy and go out with friends, family whatever.. Keep your mind occupied and you think of her less. And one thing to do is to not have contact with her for at least 2-4 weeks. Honestly , I made the mistake of not doing that. By no contact she will have the time to herself for whatever and to miss you.

Good luck man

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Thanks guys, really helps to read some of the stuff you suggested. Getting over her is what I need to work on and the more ideas I have the better. Like I said, she was pretty rude and mean to me quite often so I am hoping that knowing that fact will help speed up the recovery time from this.


A big worry of mine if finding someone again who is long term material and who I will feel 100% comfortable around. Couldn't imagine that happening I guess but I got to try right? Can't win the lotto if ya don't buy a ticket right?

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I know where your coming from I was in the same boat, my x boyfriend and I were together 7 1/2 years and we still talk when he calls but he was mean and hateful and it is alot easier not talking to him but he calls and then I talk, we bought a new home 2 years ago this months and then he cheated on me, with a married tramp and denies it all, I have cell phone bills of his with calls to her over 153 times a month and credit card charges to hotel rooms 20 minutes from our home, trust me I feel your pain but there is always someone else out there, it doesnt feel like it now but there is something you learned from that relationship that will make the next one better. Smile and good luck!!!

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dont worry man. if she treated you badly she probaly isnt the one for you. i broke up with this one girl and i felt like shit afterwards and felt the same way as you. but now im with a new girlfriend and she is alot better than the last and trust me you will love again its not the end of the world just your relationship

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