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OK there is this girl at college.... (help)


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And she's just......WOW. I'm doing Information Technology 1st year so there only a handful of girls in the class but this one is just amazing.

The only contact i've had with her was "How did you get on in the maths assignment?" at the end of Maths class and then after she answered WHOOM i didn't really know what to say!

This girl is probably being hit on at least five times a day so things could be rough, but in saying that i am 100% confident that i have a chance which i think is the way to be! Does anyone have any tips as to how i can get to know her better?

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Create situations in which it is easy for an exchange of dialogue to exist


- i.e. Find out what she's into and then talk about it with her. People LOVE it when you talk about them. So ask her about herself and find out what she's about. You will get to know her better plus you will get the in you want.


Confidence is power, over confidence is weakness...

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Confidence is power, over confidence is weakness...

nicely said. in other words he is saying dont throw yourself on her. females hate being crowded by someone they dont know very well. just go with the flow and try your best to impress her. if she sees that you are actually trying to get with her and i mean TRYING she will think "what a nice guy he actually likes me i think i will go with him(date)" or something close to that. Best of luck to ya man 8)

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