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What's realy love?

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Hi there!


I whated to ask you people!- What's really love?-

I mean; What do you feel when you alroud this girl?,

what do you usualy do?,

what do you think?,

What do you whant to do?,etc.

You see, I like this girl, but I don't know If I love her!


I hope you can help me out here!- Thanks in advance!!!-

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You may not know when you are in love, but you always know when you have lost it.


Its an emotion, an unselfish one. actually, its a compilation of feelings.



If you like this girl, then tell her, if you want to be with her, then make it happen, forget about "titles".


Are you happy when your with her? do you feel good when she looks at you? is she happy with you? do you like doing things together? then hey what you waiting for.

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Well if it was that easy to explain what love is, I don't think we would have a need for this site.


That being said, love to me isn't a feeling or word. It's action, a verb. You have to express love and show it to someone. You cannot merely say "I love you" that is just words.


There are many, many levels of love. There is puppy love (infatuation), which is common in younger people. There is adoration and respectful love. There is the love of something or of a feeling. There is the love of a friend, a parent a brother or sister.


And there is the love between to people, the kind of love you want to know about. A deep, respectful, cherishing love. One that fills you fills you with joy and excitement. One that is built upon a foundation of time, sweat, tears and laughter….


Wow I'm really dragging on and not helping you at all, I'm sure you can see why it's hard to answer this question. My advice to you is to enjoy the experiences as they come. Attraction and love are wonderful and terrible things. Learn about them, experience them in your own way. But never forget there is many forms of love.

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