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Good signs?

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I met a girl the other day, a sort of a friend of a friend. I think we hit it off really well. We talked most of the time and she laughed at all of my jokes. She asked to borrow my jacket because it was cold and naturally i did. Im just wondering does this sound like this girl is interested in only being friends or anything more? And if more what should i do next? all help would be appreciated

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well, it does seem like she likes you by the way she acted & it was nice of you to let her borrow your jacket & it was a good move too. it makes you seem like a gentleman & it shows her that you care. even though it seems as though she likes you, i would keep it as friends for now. you just met her the other day right? i think that you should ask her to hang out some more. you probably don't know her all that well right now, & after hanging out a little more, it will be easier to tell whether or not she actually likes you.

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