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How much should I take ?

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Hi Readers,


I am seeking advice and hopefully share my experieces so we all can benefit from.


Earlier this year I was in a terrible relationship, me and my girlfriend broke up. I was visiting her in my home country at the time when we were going through problems. While on my visit there I met a friend that I use to chat with on the internet casually. We always had great conversations but we never saw each other in person. At that time that we met aparently she was enthused by how attractive I am. She came up and said " Hi, do you know who you are speaking with? " I replied " No i dont but if you wish to tell me please do" she replied "Leanne" I said "Ok, small world, so how did you figure it was me" she said she made a good guess. She was a client of my fathers business and I was at the office at the time. To make a long story short she was interested in me but i brushed her off and ended the conversation quickly.


Upon my return to my fix place of abode in the United States, we quickly ensued a friendship and she was after the chase for me. She broke up wiht her boyfriend in the first month ever since then we have been having a wonderful friendship. Druing the course of the friendship, she was worried that I had no intentions of taking the affair further and make things stable. She begged me to open up and trust her, and that its not fair to any one who tries to form a relationship me to be given the run around just because my Ex cheated on me and I was judging all girls by her standards. Basically she did everything to keep my interest level up, since hers was sky high. After pleading with me for months to come back to my hometown to visit her, that she needs to see me , i visted her in September that just went. We had a great time and spent alot of quality time together and made the relationship official and stable. However it was then that she started to cool offf. I started to see the real side of her that i havnt previously seen before. After giving her soooooooooo much time to get to know her and make my mind up, i thought hte wait was worth it. Apparently it wasnt becus i hadnt notice how miserable was she before. That was the big shocker on my visit to her, I saw it as a learning experience to see who she really is, but we still got along very well and was happy about the trip adn made plans to be together in the futuer soon as I am finish college.


Since my return she doesnt do the things she normally did before. Before she usta be online nearly every night....for hours on end we wud talk. Now she doesnt come online at all, and i asked her why, if she still care about me? She said yes it has nothing to do with her caring or not and if it did she wuddnt be in this relationship with me if she didnt care. She begged me to relax and nothing is wrong. She just has school and doesnt like being online. I really dont know what to think, if to believe her or pre- judge her actions. But this is very new for me. I thought this was the time we would be all close and stuff, but it seems as though that now she has me hooked she doesnt see the need to be around much cus the work is already been done. She says she really really really wants me to stop worrying. What advice do you guys have?

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She is the classic case of once she got what she wanted now she does not seem to be interested anymore. If she really is telling you the truth then she will get back with you, when she has some more time on her hands. school can be very stressful and time consuming. I would think long and hard about this girl, she may just like playing games with you. You said "now I see her for who she really is", if she is a bad person then you do not need her anyway. I am sure their are plenty of other girls you can date once this relationship is over. Talk to her and set up times to talk with each other to maintain your relationship. If she can not maintain the relationship then I would break up with her. It seems like she had plenty of time for you before, while she was chasing you.


And you know there are plenty of other girls in the ATL! Break up with her first before you start dating someone new.

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Hi Guys


Thanks alot for your imput. I think this girl is just a waste of my valuable time. By the way after talking to her many times, we werent gettign along so I broke ties with her. Life is short - excess baggage must go in order to retain the youth and vigor, nah ah mean... later guys...thanks once again.

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