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I wish I could explain what has been running through my head these couple of weeks with my girlfriend. Everything has been going good, time spent together, sex, and just overall. One thing is that we have lack of communication. I seen it from the start and now it's hitting. I bring it up here and there but ovbiously it hasn't not been in affect.. This is seriously putting second thoughts through my mind. I am in love with this girl but that doesnt mean I'm not falling out of love.. This is a relationship worth saving but then again is it time to move on if our relationship isn't progressing.. As of right I'm having those thoughts.. I don't know anymore..Help would be appreciated..

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Hi Gladiator. So can you tell us a little more what you mean by lack of communication? Is it that you don't feel like you're connecting on a deep level? Sometimes developing better communication is a matter of technique -- both people learning how to listen better, or express themselves better. Other times, communication problems happen 'cause one person doesn't really want to get close. That's a tougher nut to crack...

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