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Does she want to kiss me? Unique situation I think..

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Ok, I'm a senior in high school who's never had a real girlfriend, and two weeks ago this junior gave me a note saying she thinks I'm really cool and wants to hang out with me. Last weekend, we went to the movies and had ice cream which I paid for. She's really nice, and it's obvious she likes me not only because of the note, but because she told me I'll get used to finding her house (I got lost the first time). I've talked to her before, during, and after school every day when I can, and she's just a great person. It's gotten to the point where I want to kiss her so badly in the hallways, but of course that's not allowed on school grounds..


Today, she told me her parents will be away this saturday, so the house will be hers. She told me I should come over so we can watch a movie she has or whatever. Do you think she'll let me kiss her when I'm at her house? I kinda get the feeling she wants me to, but I'd hate to do it if she doesn't want me to. Based on what I've mentioned here, what do you think she'd let me / want me to do with her (IE: kissing, making out, etc.)?



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Damn you PIMP...hah* []D [] []V[] []D


think about it my friend


She invites you over, to watch a movie, she told you that she like you...your in a really good shape here, can't you tell. i mean you really need me to say "go over to her house and watch the movie with her."


yes, do that but do what she wants, And i think you know already what that is. wake up..take it slow, compassion is the key, and i just said this in another post (use your hands) touch is so very important..touch her face, What the hell am i saying i learned from experience. go here for more details it will help..!



Oh yea forgot to say welcome to eNotalone.com

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Dude she's totally asking for it. She's just told you her parents are out and the house is all hers and she invited you over? Sounds to me like she wants to be a little more then just friends. When you're watching the "movie" if she sits close to you then it's a good sign. A smooth way to get real close is to ask her if she's comfertable and if she says not really make her more comfertable by putting your arm around her. If you can get your arm around her and she doesn't freak out then you'll have no problem kissing her. Enjoy the movie.

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Cool thanks. It's tough reading posts on relationship forums because mine isn't exactly like anyone elses...


I know I shouldn't be worried or nervous about this stuff, but she tends to watch those drama shows like One Tree Hill, Smallville, Everwood, Charmed, etc. I'm concerned that she may be used to really romantic situations and I won't please her expectations...

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But remember rejection is better than regret, so don't chicken out, if she pulls away which i doubt she will, just casually say "um I'm sorry about that" that is what happened to me one time and than she leaned over and started locking lips with me, so me being me i just went with it, wanted to lead to sex....but i wasn't ready. still a virgin, and very much proud of it..so the moral of this post is to watch out, test the waters before you enter, they are uncharted. and your the captain of your own boat my friend. but than again you never know unless you try, like i said you learn from experience..isn't that true in all things, just a thought?

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Everyone at my school has asked me if I'm gonna have sex with her, but for some reason I want to passionately kiss her over and over much more than to have sex with her. I get that feeling everytime I see her in school... hopefully I can actually do that on Saturday.

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