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Crush, I need advice asap


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I have a crush on a boy at my high school today I finally got around to telling him I liked him! and I dont know if I should as him if he likes me, bacuse sometimes I get shy around him.

~Should I ask him does he like me?

~How should I go about asking him?

You can post your answer but I'd perfer you'd email me @ email removed




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If you are shy about asking him yourself then why not get a friend to subtley find out for you.


If he does feel the same then ask him if he would like to go out with you at the weekend, choose an activity that you think you will both enjoy and in which you will learn a lot more about each other.


Dont go anywhere where you can't really talk, the whole idea of dating is to find out about the other person.


Good luck, im sorry this reply took so long.



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