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What does it mean when girl cancels dinner


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Just got a call from a girl that I was "set up" to meet by my hairdresser. I asked her out for dinner tonight.. but she called 1.5 hours before the dinner to say she was "tied up" at work, but gave no specifics.


Okay ladies.. I know it MAY mean she really was tied up, but let's cut to the chase.


What do you think? Do you think she bailed out of the date or do you think she really had work.


I was really looking forward to the date and I know there was NOTHING at work that would have had me miss this date. So, I don't understand why someone else would bail on it unless they weren't as excited about it.

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Good God man, give her a LITTLE benefit of the doubt! Depending on her job, she very well could have been tied up and it be beyond her control, depending on work pressures, a sadistic boss, etc.


Let her explain to you what happened, and give her another chance. If she blows you off AGAIN, then I'd start to question it! It's kind of rough going out on a work night for a lot of people-I'd have been up a creek if I'd had a date planned tonight, since I was delayed at work for an extra hour and a half, NOT counting the 45 minutes then sitting in standstill traffic.....it CAN happen, is my point!



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I agree, you shouldn't jump to conclusion, you never know if this girl really was tied up. and if she wasn't, you don't know if the reason that she canceled was because she didn't want to meet you. Maybe she was excited, but was too nervous or shy. You never know. I think you should give her another chance, and if the same thing happens again, then you can start thinking that she doesn't want to meet you.

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Her message got MY liar antennae up, for that that's worth. "Something came up" is a euphamism for "i don't want to tell you why i can't meet tonight." What was her tone of voice? You are a better judge of her sincerity than any of us....


Also, I notice that it's a Tuesday night. Not a great night to plan a date, really. It's better to plan a Saturday lunch or maybe a Friday evening dinner. During the week, things CAN crop up unexpectedly.


Be careful with this one. A broken date is a big red flag.

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Depending on the job, yeah, she could have gotten stuck, I know I have before, and depending on her personality and her boss, if she's "asked" to work late it may not be much of a request, more a demand she felt she can't say no to. Did she say anything about trying for another day? If you ask her again, ask if there's a specific day that the work situation wouldn't be likely to arise. Or give her a couple of options and ask her to choose. Hmm, I might even ask her for something a little less traditional than the regular dinner date, something that's not looked on as much pressure for conversation with someone you don't know, like a comedy club, a dinner theatre, something that gives a conversational topic in itself.

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No way, no how. Don't ask her out again. Who cares what her excuse was? It's possible that she was telling the truth, even likely, but that makes no difference.


You've lived up to your end of the deal. You called her, you asked her out. She said yes. SHE bailed.


If there's any more asking out to do on this one, it's for her to ask you. Period. DO NOT call her back.


Remember, she's the one who broke the date. That's a pretty crummy thing to do. She's the one who should be trying to fix things by calling you.

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