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Friend,ex girl,me triangle ? help wanted ....


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OK I was with my ex girlfriend let call her Ann we break actually I wasn't sure what to ocasionally I introduce her to my friend ...just like that she started to go out with him...(Yap she was crying for 6 months that she loves me and than just over the night goes out with my friend)


After 3 months my friend dumps her... (I think that she wants to go back with me ...I say: NO way...)


Now 6 months later I want to go out with HER good friend ...just go out for a drink or so I think we understand each other quite ok...


Ann is terribly jelous speaking bad about me to her trying to turn her lets call her Jenny against me ....


I asked Jenny to go out everything was OK first time we spent really nice time together until Ann heard that we were out together...I asked Jenny again ...Now she says 'I would like to go out with You but please ...I don't want Ann be angry ...please wait a bit until Ann cools down...'


Ann says Why You didn't called me !!!!!!! actually I hate this kind of talk he went out with my friend without asking for anything and now she thinks that I HAVE to call her....


What to do? Is any way I can do anything here ?

Do Jenny cares too much for Ann opinion?

Is Jenny dependent on Ann friendship? (I think it is ...Is any way to free Jenny of Ann's influence?


My relation with Ann is not good is there any way that I please her just

to have peace with Jenny?

Is it solution that Ann finds new boyfriend and forget me ? ( this could be in next decade with her attitude)


Or forget them both but I like Jenny at least I really would like to spend some time with her....


Thanx for help opinions ...

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The Circle of Love is as small as we make it.


The best course of action for you is to step back and leave this woman alone. She is a very respectable woman. Don't go down the road that your ex-girlfriend did to you.


Keep friends with this woman perhaps in the future things will change. Seek out another woman in which there will be no ties of any kind and you'll have much more freedom to get to know her better.


Make the right decision.

Good luck to you.

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I understand that easiest is to step back BUT...

BUT I LIKE JENNY and I have to leave her because of Ann????


Just to mention in short I liked Jenny from the beginning (I met them together more thaen year and a half ago) but I didn't have strenght to approach her ,I did quite shy but Jenny was so neutral...Ann was so intrusive...She said Jenny that she likes me and that she stays away from me Back then I was sick for months Ann was kind of comfort to me ..BUT I ALLWAYS liked Jenny secretly... She was afraid to say anything to me because of Ann...Jenny tought that I like Ann... Ann used that situation I was really sick for months and really didn't have much strength to fight I know now I made mistake then but...


I like Jenny ... It is stupid situation ...I'm a bit desperate... It is just not fair... Ann manipulaes with me with Jenny and whole situation...


I believe after all that there is a way to settle things down and to be in kind of peace or if not to fight Ann and find peace and love with Jenny...


Thanx for You comments...

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Man i will keep this short and simple. If you have feelings for Jenny go for it. I mean, Ann sounds like she just needs to move on with her life. You have moved on with your life and have become a better person for it. Go for it, find out how jenny feels about you, cos you sound like you really like her.

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