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I was seeing a girl for 11 months who I met over the Internet. It seemed like bliss and we talked of marriage.


Then it all came apart on a weeks holiday away together and she broke off the relationship.


I was devasted and felt I just had to accept it.


Over 3 months later I e-mailed her and she said she had just started going out with another man.


I wasn't too bad in the 3 months till I heard that but now the thought of her with someone else has made me very depressed.


Is this beacuase I'm still single and see her as finally moved on from me? I.e. any chance of getting back together now dead?


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Well you met her over the internet, and im not to sure form your post if that time away at the weekend was the first time you saw each other, it could be she did not feel the same once after she met you, she may have pictured someone else. I know this sounds bad but its just a guess.


I would say move on, at the end of the day its not like she is in your face or anything like that so it will be easier. There so many gals around you look around and pick one of them, why find them on the net.

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