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There was this one girl who I liked alot. But she never returned the 'liking'...or so I think not. Sometimes, I wonder what difference it've made, if I took the initiative to tell her how I really felt (back when I did feel emotions). I still think about her ...even now. Constantly. I hope she'll understand one day how much I really liked her. That day will come in the future, when I am free from obligations and commitments...and we'll be together again. We'll be happy with warmth and laughter. But until then, I can only hope.


God, I miss you Jessica. I miss you alot.


You were my only true friend...sorry if I ever hurt or offended you.

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First off, I want to tell you that nobody should ever have regrets. Learn from your mistakes. Next time a situation like this comes up, dont let it pass you by, or you will be unhappy as you are.

Second, If you like this girl so much, why don't you let her know? Just take a chance and tell her how you feel. What is the worst that could happen? You wouldnt be any worse off would you?

Third, what sort of obligations and commitments are you bound to?? Do you have a girlfriend? If so, it isn't fair of you to be missing this girl and fantasizing about being with her, is it? If you aren't happy with who you are with or feel you could be happier, then why are you with her? It isnt fair to you or to her. It really isnt fair. You need to make a decision and go for it. If the obligation/commitment isnt with another person, I cant imagine what else it would be, then you need to just let her know how you feel.

You know right from wrong and you should always follow your heart. So do it.

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how you doing, josher? I know exactly what you are going through, because I have been through it many times. I recommend that you tell her, and while you doing that, try to flatter her, nothing makes a persons day like being told that they are admired.


I have went many times without telling a girl that i liked her, and it only brings more pain and uncertainty. Even if you get a no, it will be a lot of weight of your back, and if it is a yes, well, that is like your dream come true aint it? just remember, she is just a person, a very special person to you, and you should not be intimidated, but she deserves to know.


Just take a couple of deep breaths and go for it, I know it will be worth it. Best of luck, I'm sure you wont need it though

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