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Winner or loser?


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I don't know if this is in the right area for this topic but here goes

My wife left me late November last year and took our Son with her!

I know that she left me because of me and I think I know why too! The thing is that I really want her and my son back and I feel as though I've changed for the best! Now What I want to know is what can I do to try to win her heart back again! I Was a Real idiot I mentally treated her like crap I ignored her and more! I was never phyically violent to her nor mentally violent! I had a real problem realizing that indeed I am married and my life has to change to include my Wife here! Then my Son was born and I was ignorant towards her and our son! I never gave enough time and love to either of them! Please someone tell me what can I do to try and get her back!

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The best thing you could have done Is to realize, but that's the problem with you guys you always realize to late, like they say "you don't knot what you had till its gone" but in your case you have a stronger relationship cos you are married and have a son together.


How about you ask her out to dinner one day and talk to her, be what you were when she first feel in love with you, sweep her of her feet and surprise her completely.




Go around to where she is and go and see your son, give him so much attention, take him a toy and your wife a bunch of flowers. Show her that you can be a good husband and a good father. And do this with out telling her you want then back; let her see it for her self.

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