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Grrr...im really frustrated

Im probably not justified in this either,but anyone that knows how it feels to be jealous will understand that its a hard concept to grasp.


So my bf asks to see me friday.Fair enough,got plans though,thought id be seeing him sat thats why.-No he's going to 'a mates'(which he hardly knows)and i have a feeling its to do with drugs.Thing is,we ALWAYS see each other on saturdays,bin that way for ages.I turned down offers to go out coz i thought id be seeing him,which means il only be seeing him once this week.Thing is im not going to just stay in my house when he's out,il go out with the girls..but that will make him a bit squirmy like im feeling now..this sounds pretty stupid,im realising this as im reading what ive written.Im scared there will be girls there too,i mean why didnt he invite me??tell me the truth am i being possessive?i just dont know where to channel the anger im feeling right now and at the moment its directed towards him.


Sometimes i wonder if there is hope for anyone in relationships,they all seem to go sh*tty at some time or another but yet we cant live without the person that is causing us the pain.


Thanks just needed to vent any advice (though im not sure what im really asking for) would be appreciated.

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You just need to chill babe. He still has a life ouside of you, an unless he has given you a reasion to dout him, the you're lukey he puts up with you. Now if you have a reasion, then things change drasticly and you do have a reasion to keep tabs on him. I don't think you're the kind of girl that would put up with that kind of stuf, so Im thinking he hasn't done anything. Just chill befoer you make a mistake that will couse you to loose him.

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Thanks,i needed that

i know im being paranoid,i just worry too much i guess.Your right he hasnt done anything of the sort really,but i did have some trouble with his ex a while back and i suppose its sort of stayed with me,and he doesnt really do the 'boys night out' thing so he's never been proven innocent in my mind,but i know its supposed to be the other way round,innocent until proven guilty.-Its just so hard to except that you have to live like that,almost pretending to be oblivious to the fact that your partner could be fooling around until you have hard evidence.Anyone know what i mean?

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There's a slight chance he didn't invite you just as a way to get back at you a bit for not accepting his invitation for Friday. Probably nothing more than that.


Hopefully next time you see him, you can say you're sorry you couldn't arrange to see him in Friday, but you really wanted to (whether it's 100% true or not) and he can appologize for not inviting you (although I have to admit from your post I'm not quite 100% clear on where he hasn't invited you to). Forgive each other (even if neither of you believes you did anything wrong) and move ahead.

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yes because i cant stop him doing drugs thats why.He doesnt always do drugs but if he wanted to do them he could,im not his mother and i cant watch him 24/7 so yes the fact that i cant see him plays more on my mind then trying to get him to stop stuff he might do anyway.And thats part of the reason i dont want him to go, to LESSEN the chances of him doing drugs.

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hey sweets


okay maybe he is going to a friends becasue he like got along with this new guy and wants to hang out with him!


i think u should trust him !


plus i think he must be a real special bloke to be with a nice gal like you


i am sure things will turn out fine


take care and i think ure a gr8 person and i amsure so does he

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Hi Buffalo !


I think you are possibly overreacting a bit here !

If he was going shopping with his mum, or going to the cinema with a friend, or going for a walk with his cousin.......do you have to be at all these things?


I understand that you have a Saturday thing together, and I'd imagine that that does indeed change things a bit, but he does need his own space aswell. Regarding the saturday thing, perhaps you should talk to him about that. Tell him you thought that was your special day, and if he wants to cancel it for whatever reason, you could talk about it in the future. It's a courtesy that you could extend to each other really.


hope this helps you some,

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