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I split up with my ex 6 months ago because i became too clingy and was always in her face not giving her time to herself until she exploded.


I was like this because I was taking cocaine at the time and so was she and it made extremely paranoid. the drugs arent a big issue here they were the cause.


I then made matters worse by being the same after she walked out the door. since then i am no longer on drugs and I am no longer clingy. How can i work things out. We were together for 3 yrs and these problems only came about in the last couple of months.


Any Idea how to show her that thngs would be different. How can you recover a smothering relationship. I have already given time and space which i didnt at first. We have been apart now for 6months. I did take it badly when she went and lost my emotional stability and i scared her but i am OK now but she still thinks I will lash out at her with my emotions crying begging making her feel guilty although not intentionally.

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Join the club man, I am in similiar situation myself. The only advice I can give is you can't build on the past or even bring it up. In order to get back you have to build on the present and plan for the future. I wish I had all the answers but like i said I"m in a similiar situation myself...hope it works out

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Self improvement is the key to renewing a failing relationship


Your drug use and the coexisting problems are causing some very powerful stress. You need to show her that you would like to work things out by working on improving yourself.


Which will in turn; give her confidence that you are bettering yourself for the both of you.


Begin some sort of rehab, find a relationship counselor, attend church together or join a support group.


Discuss your goals with her and make sure you stick to them.

Good luck to you.

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I know I have got to start again with her, but the thing is no matter what I do she wont listen, she comes up with excuse and then blames them on me. She knows I have sorted myself out but the more I do the more she puts me down again. She is exagerating my problems massivesly. All this while she goes off partying with her girl friends. Living it up.


I just think she was maybe bored we did stop doing things and our lives revolved around watching TV together. I just cant understand her she has gone from a wonderful woman to this little teenager who doesnt seem to care about anything.


I think I flogged myself in front of her and it is as if now she thinks she has done nothing wrong and the people she goes about with at the moment dont exactly tell her different.


All I tred to be was a better person and the more I tried the more she kicked me backdown


CAn I get her respect Back

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