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Interacial dating

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For all of you guys out there who have dated interacially, did you enjoy it?


I'm just curious as to how interacial couples deal with their relationships. Interacial dating has always been of interest for me, but I've always been kind of scared to the prejudices and stereotypes.


You guys have any advice/experiences to share?

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I'm of an Asian origin, and I am dating this girl, who is of White/Caucasian background.


I used to have this negative view of white women. When I started dating her, she proved me wrong about my views of them (white women). Yes, we enjoy each others company and yes, there are people who says that we should not be dating each other (cause of cultural differences and other race issues). I think if you like the person, you look past their physical appearance/flaws and the stereotypes about them and their race.

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I am also dating a person of different ethnic origin than mine.


In my own opinion, just because a certain race has certain stereotypes (negative/positive) about them, it does not mean that all people of that certain ethnic background possess the stereotype image of that race.


I agree with setsuko, if you like someone, you look past the color of their skin, their flaws and physical appearance.

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There's this guy, I've liked him since high school. Now we are almost done with college. We used to have a crush on each other.


I've always hesitated, but have since been wondering how it would've been like if he and I got together. Where we live, the racial tensions are there, but not obvious. It's always scared me, b/c I wouldn't know if I could handle bigotry from his friends and family.


Oh well, I hope to meet someone just like him someday. Besides, I think that children of mixed races tend to be the cutest. Who knows what the future holds right?

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I'm half white and half asian. So far I've been with people who are white, asian, and black. I don't really see race as a big issue with me. Everybody's gonna be different no matter what the color of their skin. It doesn't really bother me or the person I'm with. It mostly just bothers the raciest people who feel that interracial dating is wrong

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I have been in inter-racial relationships before. I am white and my last two significant relationships were with Asian and Hispanic women, respectively. I didn't give it much thought in terms of stigma or otherwise. And I wouldn't have problems dating a woman of African descent either. If the chemistry is there, just go for it!

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Mahlina I think you should go for it, never mind what anyone else thinks! I'm white and have been married to an asian guy for nearly 3 years now. I agree with you about interacial kids being extra cute. When I walk down the street I'm always looking at the kids which are mixed and wondering how our babies will look. Pinkshorts- wish I could see you!!


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I'm half asian/ half white, and have dated only caucasian females up until this past year. I have always preferred blondes, and have never even thought of it as an interracial relationship.


Our generation is beyond the term interracial relationship - that is a perception from the old school. In California anways, people in their twenties and below generally don't think, "hey, look at that couple, he's x race and she's y race."


The bottom line: do not live up to other poeple's expectations of what races you should or should not date. Even if it's a big part of your culture, forget it. That way of thinking is from the old school, and is part of the past.

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I believe that people will always have preferences about certain physical attributes that they like in the opposite sex and you cant really argue that. Its sad that people still believe this is an issue obviously they dont realize its a losing battle. We need more people out there who consider themselves as people instead of wut race they are. Be proud of your heritage but holding it against another person doesnt make anysense and only shows ignorance.

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You ask how interracial couples "deal" with their relationship. Personally, I don't think theres much to "deal" with. Doesn't matter what race you are we are all people. Im a caucasian female, I have dated black men, white men, asian men, and i find dating someone of a different ethincity than myself is no different than dating someone who shares the same as me. Yes, the culture is different, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of the relationship, the problems are the same, the way of dealing with the problems are the same, the emotion is the same, the communication is the same(even if theres a communication barrier). If you care about someone, it doesnt matter whether theyre black, white or purple. As, for how society views interracial dating, I've had my share of problems. I've been verbally attacked by black women for being with a black man, i've had white people call me nasty names, ridicule me and give me dirty looks in public for being with someone of a different race, i've had my own friends wigged out by the idea simply because they were raised in places where white races dominated and they didnt know how to interact with people of a different ethnicity. When it boils down to society, i think people react the way they do mainly out of ignorance. People tend to be scared mostly about things they know nothing about. Again, I dont see it as something that needs to be "dealt" with, because its not my problem. It's not my fault people are ignorant, or rude and i'm not going to let it jepradize any relationship i'm in.

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Inter-racial relationships has never been easy and will never be easy. UNLESS the person of the other race has been in the same country and immerse themselve in it culturally, the realationship will be a challenge. (both ways)

The question you should be asking people which has dated other races is.... "why didnt it last".

Here are many people out there which has dated other people of races but unfortunately most dont travel the distance. My advice is go and try it but do not under estimate cultural differences. It is not just at personality level but also ingrained.

Good luck

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