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Love or infatuation

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well it all depends on how u feel for the guy. Do u like him?think hes funny? think hes cute? Think he has an interesting life? When i listen to a girl, i know this sounds real cheesy, but i try to find out if they are interesting.... and be cute at the same time . I hope this helps u figure out some things

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Ya, he's an awsome guy, he makes mefeel really special, and makes me feel good about myself too. he's the first guy i've ever met like this. and not just that but hes kind, caring, has sense of humor. i'm really confused about this though, because i've only known the guy for about 2 1/2 months. Is it possible to fall in love that quickly?

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well actually yes it is...heres a fairly funny and true story...i know this kid, his mom and dad met on a monday, got engaged on a thursday, and married on a sunday.....ALL IN ONE WEEK .They loved eachother and they went for the big step. I liked this girl(still do) and i have no idea why, but i can talk to her older(1 year) sister easily,but i cant talk to HER easily.I don't know if its because im afraid or just that usually shes around other guys. Sorry I got off subject a little, but....ask him out and if it works than take it from there.

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im not going to ask him out...there are a few little issues between us..that im not going to get into in this post (read my other posts), but we've talked and were not going to date yet....could be a possiblty within a year. but i just wanna know, how can i tell if these felings really are love or not

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I read a really good definition of the difference between love and infatuation before, but I cannot remember most of it at all! Some of it was about with love, you want the other person to be happy and you aren't thinking about what you want. Does that make sense? Like if you're "infatuated" with someone you only want them for what they can give to you, but if you "love" someone, you want them for what you can give to them.


Am i ringing bells here or making you more confused?[/url]

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It's really hard to say...Love develops over time. Sometimes though, love at first sight does happen, but they almost all start out as infactuation which then, develops into love.


Infactuation is more like a deep liking of someone, you might care about them, but not really love them for who they are. Often, some people might think that they're in love with someone, but in actuality it's just the physical side that they like, they like to look at someone attractive, and think that they're in love.


Loving someone includes attachment, over time when you love someone, you tend to get attached.


There are many levels of intimacy, love, but it doesn't mean that infactuation will not develop into love.

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What you feel at first is attraction - which should be explored. Love I've learned takes a long time. Love is built it doesn't just exist. One day things will get rough and he'll need you to be there for him, or you'll need him to be there for you even though he doesn't want to be - then it is love. When your two histories together have brought you to a closeness you feel you can not live without - then its love.

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