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Is she cheating?


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For the last two months i have been dating a girl that i love sooo much. but i worry sometimes that she might be intrested in other guys and might cheat on me. i dont find myself good enough for her so i wonder why she wants me. she is very pretty and has a past of being flurtatios with many guys at once. i trust her but at the same time i dont, i ask her if i am her one and only and she says of course and telld me she loves me. am i paranoid or is she cheating. how can i tell is she is cheating?


thankz 4 ur help 0X

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Please don't put your insecurities on this girl and ruin what sounds like a great relationship! She has given you NO reason to distrust her, besides your own self-esteem. If you start questioning her, she'll only get angry/resent it/most likely break it off with you for not trusting her, and I'm quite sure you don't want that!


Leave it alone, and accept what you have-a pretty girl who only wants to be with you. Flirting is no big deal, EVERYONE flirts. I flirt, my fiance flirts, all of our friends flirt, I don't think I've ever met anyone who DOESNT' flirt! So relax....she's happy with you, which is why she says she loves you and ONLY you. Don't go looking for problems!



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I was with a guy like that once, who always said he couldn't figure out why I was with him. He always accused me of cheating when I wasn't, because he didn't think he was good enough for me, even though I thought he was. because of his insecurity, and because he couldn't trust me, we ended up breaking up. don't ruin what you have because you don't think your good enough. Eveyone is just as good as the next person, don't lower yourself like that, beauty isn't everything. If you keep persisting on these things, you two will end up with the same outcome, and I'm sure that's not what you want. Good luck.

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well i agree with what you guys are saying, but on the other hand i believe that there must be something that has happened in order for you to feel insecure (although this may be her beauty). and i dont personally believe that you can trust someone and not trust them at the same time...you either trust them or you dont (something tells me you dont ) i think that you should analyse you relationship and consider possible reasons as to why you are feeling insecure or feel like you dont trust her. but like you said you may just be paranoid or afraid of her beauty which is why i think you need to consider all possible reasons for your instability.


hope this helps

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