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ADD & Caffiene

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I've heard how caffene works in much the same way as ADD drugs; it stimulates the nervous system and wakes up parts of the brain. Unlike many people would believe, it does NOT make children hyper. Caffiene is a stimulant which wakes up the part of the brain which doesn't work "properly" in ADD-affected people.


Does anyone know anything about caffiene?

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I think there's a significant difference between ordinary caffeine, i.e. your morning cup of coffee, and ADD drugs. My sister has ADD, and is taking Dexedrine, which is, essentially, speed, to get those neurons firing off in the right directions to clarify her thoughts. Furthermore, if caffeine was effective, they'd use caffeine pills and not speed, I'd guess!


I think they're apples and oranges. I'm not sure of the "levels" of ADD, or if it's the same for everyone effected by it. But I DO know, in watching the treatment my sister's gotten, that ordinary caffeine didn't help her the way more powerful medication did and does. She was a caffeine junkie for awhile, but it did nothing to stimulate her thought processes the way her meds did.


Overall, you'd really have to consult a doctor on this. I just picked up the little I know of it and the medications used from what they tried on my sister and from other people I've known with the same condition. Good luck!






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Caffeine is good only before tests! In actuality, it's really bad for you. It stimulates the epinephrine gland, which causes you to stay alert. Cafeine really messes up your system.


Try not to use too much caffeine. Coca Cola is okay though (not too much either...).


Whenever I stop drinking coffee, the withdrawal effects really make me tired. In other words, your body gets hooked on caffeine, so that's another reason why it's not healthy!


Oh, and it makes me all jittery, like when I'm typing or writing notes.

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