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What is he gonna do

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I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 days now and hes 14 and i am 15 his mom really doesnt want him dating but he told me he didnt care but then just today he told one of my friends that hes thinking about breaking up w/ me because of his mom so should I try to get to know his mom and see if we could work out or should i just leave it go and tell him that we shouldnt be dating

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I don't think you should, I think that the best thing to do is to go over to his house one day and do some things there like watch a movie, etc. And maybe even get to talking to his mom, and let her see that there might not be a problem. I have never really experienced something like this since I have never dated before, but I am just giving my best idea. Hope it helps!

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im guessing his mom thinks he's too young? well, i think that you should still hang out & stuff, but if his mom really doesn't want him dating, he should respect her choice & not date. but that doesn't mean you both can't be friends. you could try talking to her, that might help, but im not too sure it will change her mind because when a mother has an opinion, its hard to change it.

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well, who's idea was it in the first place? if the boy started it, then he's got to uphold his part of the deal and handle his mom.


if he quits cos it's HIS MOM, then he's not the boyfriend you need.


if it was your idea, then you can always wait until he's a bit older. if he really likes you, he won't mind waiting for his freedom either. and he will automatically seek to show his mom that he's mature enough to start dating.

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