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Females - What's the big deal about tongue piercings?


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I' a male, and I recently had my tongue pierced. When I show my friends, it seems as if all the females always react with "That's hot" or a "I want that so bad" type of comment. I mean, is that really how they feel? It's not that big of a deal, just a piece of steel through my tongue.

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I am a female with a tongue piercing and my husband thinks that head is much better with the bar, although from a womans point of view I'd hate to have oral sex performed on me with a tongue bar as it would be too rough, the clitoris is very sensitive and requires gentle stimulation.



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Not that I'm a female but I've had my tongue peirced for about 4 years now and every girl I've gone down on loved it. You don't go down there and got nuts with it, you go gentle and careful with it. The girls I've been with also liked being kissed with it, just be careful because you don't want to hit their teeth and chip them. Be careful of your teeth too by the way.

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