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I need love answers...

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Help... I'm falling in love with a really cute boy. And I have only known him for maybe mmm... one or two months, I need some good advise so I can tell him that I really care for him, but I can´t tell him that i love him, because it´s to early and I can´t tell a person that i love him only after one or two months...


Help meee...

I will bee happy for all answer.

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ok well,


love is a very powerful thing and it can take you many places, be care full with it dont mess with it, but also love is also about taking risks, so if you say you like this guy as much a you do then.. take that risk and just tell him right out. ask him what kinda gal he looking for and he prob as you th same. what kinda guy you looking for then just say someone like you. ya its abit of a slap on the head but hey, its quick and simpe,


just go for it tell him, before the chance has been taken by someone else.

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Yeah, definantly gotta say what you feel before it's too late, he is single right? The only thing I worry about sometimes is loosing good friends over one person feeling different than the other. So just take that into account and maybe make sure he knows that you love being friends with him and it's cool if he doesn't feel that same cause you love just hanging out with him and having fun. But of course it's cool if he likes you as much also hehe. Well good luck, definantly say something though.

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I just want to say that loving someone and being in love with someone are 2 completely different things. People throw the word Love around alot and before you go tell this boy how you feel think about what you really feel for him. Are you more infactuated with him, think about him alot and get butterflies when you see him or would you be willing to give your life for this person if it came down to it? If you choose to tell him how you feel, do not, I repeat do not use the word Love or else he will get freaked out and run. Tell him that you're really glad you met him and that you would like to do something alone with him if you haven't already.

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