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Some things to think/talk about


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Hey, everyone. I don't really need advice but I just wanted to talk about some stuff about life and you guys can voice your opinions on here if u want. Its quite lengthy so read it if u'd like or not. I invite great minds to reply with their ideas and thoughts on this stuff or even add more.


It's weird how life can change so much so fast. One hour you're thinking "Life is great. Sure there are bad things but that is whats great about it. It makes things interesting. If you work for what u want, you'll probably get it. If you find love, you'll be so happy; so get out there and find someone. Isn't life so great" and the next hour you start thinking "Life is so stressful. I hate it, life sucks. I have to work so hard and maybe not even get any rewards or good feelsings."


Life is so weird...so many unanswered questions. I gues some say that makes life great. I say it makes it unconfortable. Some people, like I, need to be perfectionists aand worryers(or is it worriers? lol) and some don't care about anything at all. Those who don't care get to live life to the fullest but can cause many problems in their lifes. While, even though the worriers and perfectionists get things done, they don't even get to enjoy life. Atleast others they affect do...maybe.


No matter what u talk about....everything in the universe seems to be somewhat balanced. Advantages/disadvantages, good/bad, existence of everything is balanced at some point. Like the rich are usually unhappy and the poor usually thankful.


Isn't life weird...

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the thing that makes it so life so interesting (and frustrating) is that its unpredictable. when u want something real bad and make it ur goal, then from my experience, its usually so hard to get or sometimes u wont get it at all. thats because all good things come at a price, and hard work. funny how u always get the things that u dont really desire or need or want. if u make something ur target, u will b constantly thinking about it in one way or another, and so it usually seems like its taking longer or harder when u dont get it soon (did that make sense?).


"Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to."


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