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hi- it's been tough. i can't seem to understand a relationship with a guy i really like.

i don't think it would be suitable to discuss "us" a couple until things have been built stronger between us.

he used to be head over heels into me. now i feel he can't trust me due to my figuring things out in life. (my career, placement and expectations).

we talk over the phone, but lately i feel things have been stressed for us. he never seems to call to talk to me. he seems to just call to see how i'm doing.

i want him to visit me, but i feel it would upset him.

i just don't know what to do.


i don't want to lose him and yet i've been feeling like i have no choice

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This man sounds like a little boy who is jealous of your success. Let him go and decide what he wants from life. He will only bring you down. You want someone on your level and he is not. I went through the same things. I graduated from college and he was so unexcited. I have drive and ambition and he doesnt. This sounds like your situation. Hey be his friend, but he doesnt sound like his life is together yet. So you shouldnt want to be serious with him. You want someone who is together financially, emotionally and spirtually. This guy isnt. Move on.

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