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Need a guy's opinion please?


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My ex/b/f had a problem - one that I have never encountered before.


He was perfectly fine sexually from beginning to end - is able to orgasm but....everytime he put on a condom....seconds later he would lose it. This happened so many times he got put off sex despite my understanding. He said that his exes were all on the pill but I figure all men know how to use condoms right?


I bought at least 5 different sizes and it happened time and time again.

Is this a mental thing? fear maybe? He's in his 40's.


Can anyone please explain this? He said it wasn't me..

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I assume when you say he loses it, you mean he loses his erection, and not that the condom slides off.


I will tell you right now, condoms lower the sensation drastically, It would be like trying to read braile with latex gloves on.


There are a few condoms on the market you may want to try, one is the Trojan Suprema, this is not a latex condom but a polyurathane, very thin and transfers the "warmth" which latex doesnt.


The other condom is a latex, called Inspiral (not sure of the spelling here) its got a very loose head section, that slides giving that non condom feel.


I frankly do not like condoms, and only think of them as something for non commited relationships. Women expect men to please them in bed (and they should) by giving foreplay, lasting longer, not rolling over to sleep after an orgasm yes men do go out of their way to please a woman (at least the ones that are decent lovers) but this goes both ways, if your man isnt being sexually satisfied with you, dont you think you should do something about it? of course, thats why your asking on this forum.


There are many alternatives to the pill, also, there is a male pill on the horizon. I assume your not on the pill for some medical reasons, so ask your Doc. about some of the alternatives. sex should be a pleasurable experience for both of you.

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Thanks for the suggestions but I think you misunderstood.


As the female, I did everything humanly possible to bring about the erection......he put on the condom and seconds later pufff....his lost his erection.


I also noticed that none of the rims stayed put at the bottom of his shaft. Surely, a guy who is not accustomed to using one could practice with one alone no?


I just want to know if anyone thinks this could have been mental because physically otherwise...he was fine and dandy in all other areas.

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