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Should I do this? Guys, what do you think..

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I met someone on vacation that i just can't forget about. we live htousands of miles away, he has a girlfriend yet I feel like i'm in love with him. is this poem any good? shoud i send it and risk seeing him again and it being weird, or open up the lines of communication? Here goes..


I take a deep breath drawn from within my own mind...

Your scent was so intoxicating that

I still can't bear to exhale

There was a then

Now there's a now…

Trying to live in the moment

But I don't know how

I wanted you

Casually and worry-free

Do you remember?

Four days till we split our separate ways

We haven't spoken since September

I want you

I want to do it over

I want to lie in your arms

Laughing and kissing all night

I want what I can't ever have

I want to touch you in person

To hold your face in my hand

As though then I'd understand


I see how we could have been so right

You and me

Is a fantasy that

Lies untouched

Buried in a summer night

There was a then

How can I pretend to forget?

Just try to ignore regret

It's always there, lingering in the air

Reminding you

Bout all those things you didn't do

Now there's a now

But sometimes now means its already too late

And its not gunna help that im still screamin wait

Memories made, sealed, and tucked away

All I want is to open and re-live

That one forgotten yesterday


How would YOU feel if you got this under htose circumstances? HELP! its been months and i want to relive my silent burden

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what do you think will happen if you do send this? do you think he will drop his gf to be with you, even though you are so far apart. i think you should send it to him if you feel that you want to, but do not expect a response from him. he's not going to do anything about your poem, like decide he wants to be with you, if he loves his gf & is happy with her.

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It depends on the guy I think. If he is an artistic type and you think that this poem would influence him in a positive way and you really want to send it, then send it. But if he's an average guy that cares only about football, baseball, girls, and alcohol, you might want to save your words for ears that will listen. The person above said good things, a poem never changes a mind, or makes thousands of miles disappear. It's a big pond out there, might be best to find a new person who helps inspire you in a positive light, and not the seemingly sad light of this poem. Plus you can find someone who lives close enough to truly touch. Good luck chica.

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Personally, I'd just send a "getting in touch" note - you know he has a girlfriend, what do you want to accomplish by letting him know you have these feelings while he's in a relationship? It's beautifully written, and writing it down was a probably a good thing for you, but to me, it kind of disrespects that he's in a relationship to actually send it, and could make it rather awkward to stay in touch. I don't know how open he is with his girlfriend, but I know I wouldn't be too pleased with a guy of mine keeping in touch with another girl if I knew she felt this way and was willing to express it while he was taken. Honestly, I'd maybe drop him a nice newsy note, see if he wants to stay in touch, and look around you for someone closer to home for now - don't sit around pining, if circumstances change down the road, you can see how you feel then cause you'd still be in contact, and for the here and now, you'd be moving along with your own life and growing as a person.


Best of luck to you!

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