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MEMORIES that we keep.

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hey everyone

just a few things that ive always remembered. if theres something that youve always remembered id love it if you shared.


The little things you remember and learn from


have you ever had that feeling

a want to be alone

ive lived every day of life

with a human clone


this person has their freedom

love and will to live

but for me this is the one thing

my world cannot give


i am a person with a heart

a heart filled with joy

yet people see it as a token

and use it for a toy


i have a heart that wants to love

i have a heart filled with ambition

yet all i feel is pain

a stupid contradiction!


you see im a person who likes to help

i put others first

but i came accross one problem

emotional attatchments hurt

as when i get involved

i give it my all


for example, i woke up one night to receive an important call

my sister picked up the phone

to be told my grandma had died

she laughed as i lay in bed

and thats where i stayed and cried


she came upstairs to tell me

not to wake my twin

a heart full of emotions too many to take in


she walked out of the room

and shut the door aside

now every time i say I LOVE YOU

i know ive lied


you see my fault is honesty

and instead i break inside

i could never hurt her meaning i hurt me instead

years pass by and its still in my head


i can remember when i was younger...a girl you might say

but look at me now im the woman of today!


ive learnt from my lessons

and ambitions move ahead

my heart is still empty

yet this time my minds not dead!



well id love to hear any of your past that youd like to share.

and well thanks.


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