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How do you get a girl to keep a "date"?

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Hiya everyone!


I really like this girl in my year at school, we are really good friends and she does know that i like her. We talk on the phone quite a lot and we always used to hang out, however, recently when i have asked if she wants to go out at the weekend she always says yes (unless she already has other plans) but then later on in the week she will text me and say that she cant make it because "she has no money" or "shes staying at her aunties".

I dont know why she does this because whenever we go out together we always have a fun time and enjoy it, no matter what we are doing.

Can anybody think of why this might be and how i might be able to get her to keep our plans and not cancel?


Thank You!

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Ok first you cant make her do a thing. Ok. Now with that out of the way she might be scared about falling for you becouse she is afrade that she will louse a friend, next is that she douse not like you that way, and maby she might have things come up like that all the time. It is hard to tell why she is doing this you best bet will be to talk to her about it and find out why.

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