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Why wont a girl just tell us if she likes us or not


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Why wont a girl just tell us if she likes us or not. I meen it is hard to be the guy, always haveing to asking the girl out gessing if she likes us on sings that thay try to give us. Why wont you girls just ask us out some time or tell us how you feel about us? It drives me up the wall. Oh yea I have one more question do you girls like it when we do some thing curative when we ask you out on a date or would you like us to just be blunt?

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I think girls want to make this a game. They try to trick us by playing with our minds which force us to think about them 24-7. Girls love it when, for example, you're looking at a girl and you ram into a wall. It show's they're doing their job. The way to show you can't be controlled though is to either be involved in other things to distract your mind, remember the girl seems to like people who are humane and not crazy, and you need the "Eye of the Tiger". (It's my motivational song) Hope this helps a little.

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hey cid,

i dont know if its because we live in different areas, but ive always felt and most of my other mates it was ok toi ask a lad out, well weve never had any difficulty, i dont think we do it as a challange just some dont, others are shy etc, and the rest well they are either old fashioned or cant be bothered.


i met this lad a few times once and i was the one who asked him out on a date, everything like that, everything yet i asked him out proper and he was like...wait...im meant to do that said no and asked me out a week later! so some times men like it so that they do some of the work, as if its there roll.


and for the other question it really depends upon that person, get to know them on the first meeting and youll learn to know what you both enjoy.


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DaXMan - some girls do seem to enjoy the sense of power sexual attraction from guys gives them - but some guys are like this too, and only too happy to get satisfaction from the attention of girls they're not interested in for an ego boost - it works both ways.


I think a lot of girls are just as scared of rejection as guys - but the way a lot are raised puts them in the position of not feeling like they have to make the first move, or even feel like it's not "appropriate" for them to do so if they DO want to. That can be an extra hurdle to get past. I know I was brought up that way, though these days I figure life's too short to play the wait and see game. Plus patience is not one of my outstanding virtues!


Personally I prefer relatively blunt - I find it JUST as frustrating trying to read if someone's attracted or just being friendly if they're a guy Though strangely enough, my best bud is a guy, and I can tell when a girl is attracted to him without a problem, and he can tell if a guy is attracted to me, subtle or not! So guys, if you have a close female friend who's observed someone you can't read interacting with you - ask her for an opinion. Same with girls, if your guy bud says someone's interested, pay attention - seems it's easier to "read" your own gender no matter how cool they're trying to play it!

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Well personally (from a girls point of view) i HATE the whole game that most girls turn dating into. I am not a tomboy...but i am far from a girly girl. Most of my friends are guys and i know (in some ways) how they think. The one downfall to knowing that many guys on a personaly level is that i realize that some guys are good boyfriends (very loyal) and some are just really bad boyfriends (i call them mansluts). You cant tell the difference without knowing them for a good period of time because there is nothing that tells you about this right away. They dont carry a sign around. ANYWAY.....back on topic......i dont know who saw my last topic about the guy i think may like me but....i have now made up my mind to go after him. Im not going to come out and ask him, but i will find some way of telling him that i am all for us being together. A VERBAL way too....not just flirting. I know that its not much but hey lets get real...how many girls actually DO go around asking guys out.....almost none.

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