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how to avoid this when kissing...

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ok, i have a question that might sound stupid, but i duno. ok...i have been going out with my girlfriend for 5 months, and we LOVE kissing and everything. the only problem is, we lay on her bed, and lay close to eachother, and i end up getting hard, and on two occasions, i have ejaculated. one time she knew, the other time she didn't. how can i avoid this? it's not like i am trying to...it just happens. i don't want it to, cuz then it ruins the whole thing. please help.

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When I kiss my girl I do get hard... I can't help it, it's a turn on...

It's not something you should try to avoid or hide but if you find it embarrassing just all out tell your girlfriend that you do get hard... Because kissing her turns you on and just apologise if it makes he feel uncomfortable or anything...


As long as you tell her, she'll tell you how she feels and things should be alright..! Otherwise you really have no reason for not wanting a hard-on, you can think of it as a compliment toeards your girlfriend! lol


- silenthunder

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Hey, SilenThunder, I think his main problem is premature ejaculation and not the hard-on.


I can only ask you to enjoy the moment while you are kissing her. Don't think of your girl as a girl. Wait... this is wrong... oh... wroooong choice of words... If you are not going to have sex (as you state on the other thread), don't think about sex! Don't make a mistake like SilenThunder tells us in his 'Too Far' thread. Let me try to re-explain that. You have a person who loves you the way you are, you can spend some time with this person, you like to be with her and you can get a better pastime than computer games. Think this way.


When you're with her, don't feel her with your erogenous skin, but with your whole body and spirit. It's the glory of being together


I have around here a quote from a portuguese book that I will try to translate (with or without the author's permission):



Hope you understood the translation. I love that writer. She knows how I feel and she can write the feeling better than I.


If trying to turn your attention away from her *body* doesn't work, than you might have to seek some professional help. Good luck 8)

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