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some advice on talking to my crush


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My only suggestion is to be sorta non-chalant about it. Ask him,"hey, whatta you think about friends dating?" se what his views are. If he says something along the lines of "it ruins the friendship" thenmaybe you should steer clear and just enjoy being friends. Keep him as a crush. If he says something more like,"I dont see any problem with it" then I'd flirt sortta heavily the next few days or so, ask him to go to a movie with you or grab a coffee or something. He should get the hint then. If he is still totally oblivious, be straight out honest with him. "I think you are an awesome person! AND good looking! We should give it a shot, huh?" From what I hear and from my experience, a girl that catches a guy off-guard, catches his attention and usually agrees to something more than just friendship. Good luck!

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