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What to tell a friend who is a cheater


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I have this friend, who I am really close to. He is one of my best friends, however he is cehating on his current boyfriend. I know, from first-hand experience, what it feels like to be cheated on. Let me say, it's hard to deal with. I want to tell my friend to stop, but I don't want to end our relationship by going somewhere that I really should stay out of. What should I tell him, without causing problems between us?

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I wouldnt put him in a corner, buy you could make a "random" comment one day like, "man how can you cheat on her like that, thats cold, you dont know what you got" this way its not so much like your being critical but like your looking out for his best interests, get it?


its better to say, "I would never risk losing a nice girl like that by cheating" then to say, "you know, I dont think what your doing is right".


also, if he asks you to hang out with him and his "other" girl, pass it up, through actions, show that you dont agree with what he does. just say, "I cant make it tonight" of course if he is going with his girlfriend and says hey lets go to see that movie, then tag along.


I am glad you are a person that has learned these life lessons, and i understand you can relate to that poor girl that will someday most likely get hurt. but I suggest you dont "tip her off" she very likely wont care or believe it anyway and just want him more, and youll be with out a bud.

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