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General Reserve Discharge - How to get it upgraded to Honora

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I received a General Discharge from the USAFR. I was a good airman, received Honor Grad in basic and Tech school, loved my unit. But I was transferring to a new unit out in CA and crosstraining. When I arrived in CA, I went to a temp unit in my old AFSC, before I was going to transfer to the new unit. They screwed me over really, really bad, and would not release me to the new unit. Marked up my good record, and all because their manning was low.


I tried to get my uncle involved, retired Lt Col, but the Col of the unit would not return any of his voicemails or messages.


I was advised by a number of people in the unit, that they pull that sort of thing all the time, and that the best way out was to walk away, get a general discharge, get it upgraded to honorable, so I can reeinlist. They left me no other options, so that's what I did, or else it would be my word against a commanders, and I was not ready for that kind of battle.


I am reestablished in a new state, almost done with my degree, and wanting to reeinlist. I am seeking out advice on getting my discharge upgraded, and how to do it. Please Help!


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Maybe I speak for others here, but as a non-military person, I'm having trouble decifering the problem. You were in a temp unit (what is this?), your commanders say bad things about you (what are they saying against you?), so you get a "general discharge," which is a bad record to have? It's certainly not a "dishonorable discharge."


You may want to re-explain. From what I am reading, I would not want to rejoin the USAF, period. They really jerked you around, you can't trust the leadership, and now you will go back and potentially die for them? I don't think so....

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