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In love..but not sure


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Alright I met this girl at the mall, we got to talking and we had a lot of common interests and agreed with most of everything we talked about, I got her phone number and we arranged a time and day together, so we both shown up on time and as we walked we continued talking and we both managed to open up to each other, she felt comfortable, I felt comfortable. but I'm not sure if she likes me in that way or love her in that way, to the point I wasn't sure I should've kissed her for the end of the night.

I'm not even sure when I should tell her my feelings for her.

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Second date dude! Second date.

My advice would be to ask he rout again and drop suddle hints by flirting with her and saying nice comments like she looks pretty or something like that and then if you get positive feedback give her a kiss at the end of the date. What do you have to lose right? Just don't come on to strong and be sincere.

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