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Should I call ex back?

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I was with a guy who left me and decided to move in with another girl. His finances were bad and he wanted me to move in with him. I didnt, so he decided to move on with another woman. Well during that time he called me alot and kind of played with my emotions. He would always call me and block his number out. The last time he called I just hung up in his face because I was simply tired of him holding onto me being that he moved on. He didnt call for a month. All of a sudden he called and this time didnt block out his number. What does this mean? I always had his number and he didnt know it. I called once during a weak moment and hung up when he answered. (i know that was childish) i havent called it again. Why didnt he block his number out this time? Why is he calling after a month? Should I call back? I dont want to disrespect the girl he is living with. Honestly I am healing and am nervous to talk to him. HELP!

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What do you think? Should you call him? Shouldn't you? hmm. Why did you call him the first time? What did you hope to accomplish? What do you want to accomplish this time around?


This isn't a game, this is real life. There isn't any "rules" to these kinds of things. Do what you feel is right and stand by your choice. If you call him make sure you have a reason to call him. If you don't call him make sure you know why.

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