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Don't know if i should contact my ex

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Was wondering if someone could help. Its been about 1 week and a half since me and my gf broke up. She emailed me once which didn't really say anything. The problem is that we broke up saying we wanted a break, and theres a posibility we might get back together. I really want to talk to her but i don't know if i should. I haven't called or emailed. Should i just not bother? Should i just get her out of my system or should i go after her? Advice please.

*See my last post for details on whats happened.

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IM a sucker for love, ...true love..and if you love her as much as you say you do,...why would you let it go, without first finding out just how she feels?...


It could be mutual, but speaking from a girl's perspective,...she may be afraid of you rejecting her initiating contact, and have probably lost hope in all possibilities of reconcilliation. If the breakup was not due to infidelity, or either party becoming interested elsewhere,...then Id say at least make an attempt to communicate how you both may still feel for one another...


what could you lose? You're already apart, the worst that could happen is you remain apart but only ...with confirmation that its not meant to be, or you may just rekindle the spark with a much more intense level of love for one another...


dont give up that easily, if you feel a remote chance of love still alive between u two...


and come back and let us know how it progresses...





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