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Im 13 years old, i am aslo gay, i need help, i think one of my friends is gay. But i don't know for sure. He acts like it, like, in p.e he checks out other guys boxers, he always avoids the subject of homosexuality, and whenever someone talks about it, he gets scared and quiet. I tryed to get him to tell me, but he just keeps saying no, I am almost positive that he is gay. How can i know for sure?

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Hello, thanks for coming to eNotalone.com!


I don't know how to approach this situation, because I don't know what your intentions are. Are you just curious if he is gay or not?


The point I want to make is... if he is gay, it is for him to decide when to tell people. It's something completely up to him, and if you push him to get an answer, he might just close down altogether. Really, the healthiest thing for him is to just let him do it on his own time.


If anything, he's probably confused about his sexuality... he may not know anything for sure. At your age, it is common for people to be confused about these things. He may not even be gay at all so just let things go and if he's gay, he'll tell you when the time is right.


Hope that helps!


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