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help Extremely confused

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Hi, i got w/ this girl recently. it my first GF in like 6 months right. Im 14 and well i dont know what to do. All my other GFs we never did nothing. Now i feel i have too (everyone else is making-out, me nothing), i don't know how to kiss, when to kiss, where to kiss. What do u just kiss someone like u kissed your mother when u were a kid. before i go to making out i wanna first kiss. Come on help me out here.

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Don't freak out lil dude! I used to be a bit like you. Here's a site which might help, I looked it up when i was 15, i hope it's still up : link removed


Also, if you press search (this button which should be closer to the top part of the screen) and look for a Kissing forum, that should help you too.


Stop stressin and start learning, you'll be fine. I never had my first french kiss till I turned 16.


Happy Heb

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Ha 16 I was 20 befor my first kiss Now when is a good time to kiss you will just know. Hey I was asked why I havent kiss her yet. How you frinch kiss someone you just know how that is the best thing I can say. Dont stress out it is only kissing. Well good luck.

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