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my boyfriend's ex

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my boyfriend of 5 months is still keeping in touch with his ex grilfriend..i don't mind that..because she is his best friend..but lately she has been calling my boyfriend on the phone..she also send messages to his cell phone..one of her msg sounds like this..''since i've broke up with you(my boyfriend) my grades are down"..should i worry about her?..and what should i do with her?...please help..thanks

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Doesnt matter what her intentions are ! whats really important is whether you trust your boyfriend or not, if you do, then stop snooping and distrusting.


You see, no girl can make me cheat on the woman I love if I dont want to.


So your question should be:


Can I trust my B/F if his ex starts hitting on him? or any other girl for that matter?


now the only one that can answer that question is you.


Do you think you would be asking what you have asked if you completely trusted your Boy Friend? Dont you think that if you were 100% sure of his commitment to you, that you would worry if an ex or 20 other women started flirting with him?


think about this awhile

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If I was you, I'd tell him that having her call him often and leave him messages like that is really starting to bother you. Be completely honest with him, don't make it seem like you are accusing him of cheating on you, just make it clear that her hanging around a lot is starting to really get to you. If he truly loves you then I am sure he'd understand and try and tone down his relationship with his ex. You shouldn't have to put up with this kind of stuff if you don't have to.

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I don't think it has much to do with trust.

I think it has to do with boundries. And creating a boundry around your relationship that is safe and comfortable for both of you.

If it bothers you that the ex is texting and calling then tell your boyfriend how you feel and see how he deals with your feeling being hurt.

And that will tell you a lot about his character and how much he values his relationship with you.

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as long as your boyfriend is not doing anything bad like cheating. you don't have to worry about it. maybe his best friend has not yet move on or can't accept the fact that he's with another girl now. if you're man is over her, there's no need for you to worry cuz he will just treat her like his best friends...nothing more than that. I'm sure his bestfriend will move on too. it may take some time but she'll find another guy who is for her.

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ex girlfriends give me stomach aches and make me throw up! I wish that they would just disappear! lol!


having said that I am the ex of plenty so *disappears*.....


I had a similar thing with my boyfriend, his ex, his first love, wanted him back, i was panick stricken for a while and I told him he said he wasnt inlove with her anymore that he was inlove with me. I cant tell you how much better I felt having talked it out with him.


good luck

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