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What can I do for her?

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After breaking up for three months with my girlfriend, we got back together and she seems to not take me for granted like she did before. One of the reasons she broke up with me was because she said I wasn't very fun most of the time. But after not talking to me for 3 weeks she thought over it and said that she doesn't care how much fun I am to be around, because I truly care for her. Well, the problem is, I do admit that I am not very fun sometimes, and even though she said she doesn't mind, I fear that one day she might and that is the day everything will go wrong. So I want to ask, what can I do for her to be more fun? And yes, I really want to be able to do that for her.



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Hey Perpetuus. So, you wanna be more fun. Good!


I think you have to start by believing your girlfriend when she says she wants to be with you and the fun-thing isn't as important as she thought. How does that relate? Well, if you're worrying about whether or not you're being "fun enough," I guarantee you, you won't be any fun. Ya can't worry and have fun at the same time. They're mutually exclusive, so lose the worrying.


Second, find out what *you* consider fun. Get in touch with your lighter side by doing things you just plain enjoy. Sports? Funny movies? Playing games? Dancing? Trying to find the best burger in town? If you're in touch with your fun side, it'll come out more when you're with her.


Third, find out what she means by being fun to be around. Is it a light-hearted attitude? Creativity? Willingness to try new things? Zany ideas? Friendly ribbing? Getting silly together?


Your girlfriend's smart to choose a guy who really cares. Keep it up! The fun part will come.

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