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Places To Meet Women?


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I've found your advice forum, so I thought I'd give it a try although I wasn't quite sure which forum this should go in.


I have recently moved to a new area - not that that makes much difference, I couldn't find any women before - and I have just run out of ideas on where to meet single women aged 25-32ish. I've never been the confident type who could just approach women at bars/clubs, so that rules those places out. Incidentally, this is meeting with a view to friendship/meaningful relationships and not...well...you know.


Actually, any ideas on meeting anyone in a new town wouldn't be a bad start!


Thanks in advance.



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Ok first welcome to enotalone


Rite you say you have moved to a new place. I would start to make friends with the same sex around you, cos guaranteed they will know a few women around the area. And you never know these women may even approach you.


Go down to shopping places, come on that's where they will all be spending money they don't have lol. Relax your new yet. Im sure they will all be seen soon.

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Hello, I know what you mean by approching people in bars there

more meat markets than places to meet someone half decent.

but Iv'e found that small hippie coffee shops always have friendly

eclectic people, also book stores are always full of people with stimulating conversation. I guess that gives you some sort of start


well good luck finding someone

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Thanks for the advice. I particularly liked the coffee shop and bookshop ideas. The trouble is, my confidence has taken a huge knock recently, which combined with moving to a strange area, is making it even harder to meet new people. In fact, David Blaine has spoken to more people in the past month than I have!! But not to worry.


Thanks again for the tips.

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