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You need to settle yourself down. Why do you get mad at your teammates? Maybe it is something you're doing that is contributing to the loss, don't jump to conclusions. Maybe you could talk to your teammates about it. Maybe you could set an example for your teammates and play the hardest game you can and try to encourage your mates to do the same. You arn't going to win every game, some teams are just too good but you can always play to get the upset or at the very least put on a good show for the fans. Soccer is all about having fun and learning to be a team player, and it sounds like you need to do both. I play on my varsity soccer team at my HS and we went 3-15-1 during our school season but during our summer soccer season we went undefeated, something like 13-0-1. Why did we do so good during summer but not school? Who knows, but then again who cares because we all had fun BOTH seasons. Relax and take the game for what it's worth.

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