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I Really Need Help and Advice, First Off Heres Alittle Bit About me im 17 y/o, in a Great Relationship and Just Had a Beautiful Baby Boy Oct 3rd. Ok Now Heres the problem.. for the past 2 weeks since I had my son I have felt alot of guilt and been extremely depressed( iwas fine for the first week or so) but, I feel that im not going to be able to be the kind of Mother I should be, or That when he gets older im going to fail at being his mom and not be there when he needs me. I mean as far as being financially(?) stable thats no problem I know I could handle that but as far as The Emotional portion of it Is What Im worried About, Which to me is More Important then anything. But anyway these feelings I have been having come and go all throughout the day, Everytime I look at him I just start crying inside, and its getting so bad thats its starting to affect the relationship between my fiance and I. and I just want to know if these feelings are normal and will go away with time or should I try and seek help or what? Im really Confused about the whole situation. Thanks.

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If it's getting that bad, see a doctor and ask for help, you could have a case of postpartum depression, and you don't have to suffer through it without help.




some basic indications and descriptions, if you seem to have the symptoms, make an appointment!


Hope it helps a bit!

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Hi Sweety, I'm 32 and a single mother of a 9yr old, so I have a little experience under my belt . I just wanted to let you know that it is ABSOLUTELY normal for you to be having anxiety about being a good mother - it's is something you are new too, have no experience at -I think it would be more strange if you didn't have doubts. And I think it shows how much you love your new baby. Couple that with ever changing hormones and you are bound to feel blue. So most importantly- don't be so hard on yourself! It would be best if your bf could go to your follow up visits with you, so the doctor could tell him that your mood swings are normal and help HIM to know what to expect and know that you will level off after a while... but it does take time. Best wishes to you and your new family!

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