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recently my girlfriend decided to go into the air force. She leaves for boot camp in sept. she told me it would be hard for her to leave and i told her that i would deal with it. That night(new years) i told her i was scared of growing up. Later that week she told me that it was over. She wated to be ready for the air force and not have any baggage. SHe apologized and dropped me off at home. She asked me to "wait" for her until she got back,meaning i wouldnt see anyone else or fall in love..basically stay in love. I did.. Its so hard for us to be friends though. I have a class with her and seeing her smile brings back so many memories. I cry myself to sleep everynight.. i asked her 2 weeks later if i should wait for her still and she said no. I asked her if she still loved me. she said "no its not there anymore...i just dont feel it".i was and still am devistated.. btw she told me to move on and get over it..shes over me..how? i feel so alone right now..my grades have slipped...everything is going wrong..i want to be saved...what should i do? i still love her.....am i wrong? i want her back so bad..help me

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Hey man,

Its all about putting everything in perspestive. She is going into the Air Force you arne't gonna be seeing her AT ALL. She knows she's going away and even admitted she can't have any distractions or baggage etc. For her to not think about you or be distracted while she tackles this tough task of joining the armed forces she has to have the mind set of it being over. Thats probably why she is saying move on. IF she goes and still has you in her mind she won't be doing an adequate job in the air force, she'll be distracted. I'm sure she still cares dude, but for some people they have to have this mindset of it being over in order to move on. The best thing you can do is take down ANY PICTURES, ANY MEMORABLIA and get your mind off her I know easier said than done.. Go meet new girls, hang out with friends, go to the gym, do ANYTHING. Tell her you love her, wish her luck, and say your still there for her. If she gets back from the airforce and your SINGLE and have an open mind and so does she, well maybe you can go from there. But the WORST thing you can do is sit around and think this is THE END OF THE WORLD. This road sucks man, I'm not gonna sit her and tell you its easy b/c its not. But you HAVE TO BE SELFISH, you HAVE TO LIVE FOR YOU NOW. Don't do or think of ANYTHING that will remind you of her. Time will heal your pain and distance will when she's gone you know you won't be able to see her and things WILL GET BETTER. Hang in their bud and trust me you aren't alone. A lot of people are and have gone through this and made it, your no different. Good luck...

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I like Man U.


I hope that you are feeling better. Break ups are never fun. Your only hope is to put that "Flier" in your past and look for someone closer to home that will love you and not run away.


Switch classes if her presense still is upsetting you. Studying is to be your major concern. Nobody will buy a broken down horse. Make yourself more approachable.


Dress better, appear happy even when you are still devastated on the interior, people will like you better when you appear confident. Nobody is really confident in every area. Try to find something you are really good at that you can do in public that will attract people to you. This may be difficult at first but you will get some positive attention and that is what you really need right now.


Pretend that you don't need any one to complete you. That is a surefire method of attracting lots of interesting characters.

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