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he might not trust me b/c.....

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ok so this guy who i have known for a while now...well we're really good friends and we have kissed before and we have talked about going out. well tonight he said something about how he "just doesn't know" about us, because I HAVE TO MANY GUY FRIENDS. ok well i really can't help that, I mean its like every guy friend that i have we do stuff cuz we dont. so i dont know what to tell him cause yeah im sure of it that i would really like to go out with him and everything, but i dont want to loss friends over it, cause to me friends is more important than a relationship that you never know that might not work.

I need some help with this one....should i just drop all of my guy friends just for him. I mean should i just straight up change my life competly? cause ok some of my guy friends that he doesn't want me to be friends with, they have been here for me thru thick and thin...i dont know what to do...please just give me some suggestions...


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"Relationships come and go, but friends are forever."

Talk to this guy and see if maybe he can get past his insecurity of you being around guys. I understand where you are coming from, I too have many guy friends. (I just don't get along with girls. )

****So my advice to you is: talk to your guy see if he can trust you enough to know you aren't going to do anything with these guys and that you and the guys are just friends. ~And if he doesn't want to hear you out, do not...do NOT drop your friends. There will be a guy who will go out with you regardless of the people you hang out with...in fact I bet he'll even get along with your friends. So no, changing your life for a guy is not the answer. Honestly, would you like your guy friends to drop you because they got a girlfriend who was uncomfortable with them being around you.....?

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