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I came to the conclusion, about 3 years ago, that if the mind can conceive it, it can be done. I'm a philosopher by nature, not by schooling. Anyway..


I went from a $33k per year job for a small bank in Milwaukee to a $90k job per year in Chicago at the Sears Tower. I passed an engineering exam that only 9,000 people in the world have passed even though I've didn't go to college for engineering. I am dating women from around the country and even the world now (nice dating, not sleazy). To make a long story short, I believed there is no limitation on the mind and that you have to BE something before you ARE it. In other words, your current state of mind IS your future.


So, when my girl dumped me and I had a crap job with a bad apartment, I just believed in myself.. I just believed I was an engineer for a global company making good money, living a great life.. THEN IT HAPPENED! passing the engineering exam was something I could not comprehend. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? EVERYONE SAID I COULD NOT DO IT... BUT I JUST KEPT STUDYING.. EVEN ENGINEERS WITH MASTERS DEGREES GIVE UP ON IT... BUT I DID IT.


My theory: I believe that the government and the inner circle (CEO's, CFO's, most from Ivy League or East Coast old money etc..) don't want American kids to have this knowledge because it threatens there power. For example: Why don't they teach UNLIMITED POTENTIONAL 101 IN HIGH SCHOOL? WHY DON'T THEY TEACH finance 101 in high school?!!


Sometimes I think I'm crazy, but if I think it, I swear, I've been doing it. If I said I wanted to be president, I really think I could climb into the SWARMY D.C. political scene and get elected as a senator for my home state and then become prez someday. I don't want to do this.. but my point is.. if you want to be the most difficult idea in your head.. you can do it easier than you think... it's only difficult because you don't know how to do it.... yet.


Have I cracked the code or am I dilusional?!


I've also noted that since I joined this 3 days ago, I've posted over 100 times giving advice. Is my brain in overdrive?!!!

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Routerx, wow... it sounds like you've lead a really great life, where you triumphed over all the shit that life's been sending your way. Now, it seems like you've made it somewhere only few can go... and this is somewhere special, the top. Would it be considered special if everyone could get there? Most likely not. Either that, or you're just really luckey

But still, i'm happy for you in your success.

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woow thats the kind of posts i like. i like hearing stuff like that cos it inspires me, and shows me that there is hope in whatever u want to do. set ur mind on something and u can achieve it. im trying to raise my confidence and self-esteem at the moment because i know that when u get urself in that state of mind, then u really manage to get urself whatever the hell u want, and theres nothing alot of people can do about it!


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Thank-you for sharing your experience with us. It it great to hear about someone's success. You probably cracked the code. You could be a role model for a lot of people. If you don't mind, it would be nice if you could answer some of these questions.


What kind of relationship do you have with your parents, family? Are you close to them or independent. Were they extremely supportive or extremely repressive?


At what age did you leave home? What system of belief were you raised in? How do you deal with guilt? With envy?


Thanx a lot!



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This is an awesome post!


I really do believe the old saying, "I think, thereforeeee I am". If you are constantly thinking good things, and already thinking of yourself as succeeding, then yes, THESE GOOD THIINGS WILL HAPPEN.

Same thing goes with thinking negatively...if you think bad things, they will happen to you. It's weird.


My problem is, I keep thinking the worst! I can't stand that about myself! Instead of thinking good thoughts, I put bad thoughts, doubts, negative comments in my head. I struggle every day with trying to fight those nagging thoughts.


How is it that some people can think so positive all the time, and others so negative? So weird!

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yeah what an amazing post..its good to know that someone is doing so well.I find this topic fascinating..how people can believe in their own personel ability so much and strive and overcome difficult , almost impossible tasks.Ive been doing a load of research on this thinking topic for a couple of years now..and read up on how our childhood holds a grip over our current belief systems , for example we are conditioned by our parents by what kind of a person we are their expectations of us and how much of an effect it has on a person as individual..etc etc.Obviously personality can be passed down from our parents through their genes, but that doesnt mean that personality and an individual carnt be changed.

There are also sorts of techniques people can try to eliminate the negative thoughts things like autosuggetion or affirmations.I have read that through positive thinking alone ( turning one negative thought and focusing on its opposite, its positive) people can change their state of mind, and overall belief system.But it takes alot of hard work and you always have to be self aware of what you you think.Like everything it takes time until the habit of thinking positevely is formed in our minds..and then it becomes easier..but i have read and i believe that focusing on the positive can only lead to happier times and a brighter world.

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Thanks for the post! Very inspirational..I'm not sure I completely agree with the message..but I do agree that personal determination largely determines one's success, and I'm glad it worked out for you. I'm *really* hoping a similar occurrence will happen for me as well, as I'm aiming to go to law school, and have lacklustre grades so far..but I believe if I try hard enough I can turn it around & achieve what I want. I still have another 3 yrs to go after all..life events are largely determined by human actions (if not entirely), and I think this can be a very powerful & positive message. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

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