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Why does it feel like Love hurts???

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I feel lost and sad, its like i dont know why I hurt and why i Love this guy....and why it hurts so much when nothing is going wrong and when he loves me back .....its like im sad and i get crying spells for no apparent reason......Help me please tell me why I'am hurting and why loving him is painful can you tell me why me loving him hurts.....? i never felt this way about a guy before and now i know I dont just love him but , I'm in love with him............

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First I have to say welcom to enotalone. Now to your problem Love hurts..... well I dont know why you should be hurting..... I know it hurts for me and that is the two people that I have ever loved has riped my hart out and kicked it around. Humm........ You might what to do a tryal brake up and date a couple of people and see what happens.

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A trial breakup with the man you love is not a wise experiment, unless you are using yourself as a lab rat for love. A possible explanation for your feelings is that your dominant inner feeling prior to meeting him was sadness, and falling in love with him has opened up feelings that you previously were able to suppress. That's my hunch. On the other hand, maybe you're so afraid of losing him because you've had otehr losses in your life, and that makes you sad.

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Thank you. both for your advice but, ima have to say i tried dating other people we even stoped talking for 6 months and it made me even more depressed to be with out him. I think ima go with the second guys advice i think you just might be right. and i wanna say i just dont know in my heart i know i love him and your right i dont want to lose him he means the world to me and its like iam scared ill lose him because i really love him alot more then any guy ever in my life time but why am i scared i do not know i never really been hurt in my life by a guy ........so i dont know but intill i find out it will unexplained........

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