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what do i do? reply a.s.a.p


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this is kind of a long story so i'll try to fit everything in a shorter version...


oooo k, i was KINDA going out with this ne girl a few weeks ago, (by KINDA i mean , not official but we spent time like girlfriend and boyfriend)

but anyway. i wanted to make it official and i asked her and she said ; she didnt need a b/f right now.and that she flirts with a lot of guys. so i said whatever and i kinda stopped talking to her because i felt played in a sense. she said she likes me but not as much as i like her and i was really cute. but sense i stopped talking to her she got mad at me and she doesnt really like me now at all not even as a person.(the way she acts) . so i started liking this other girl for a few days, but i coldnt really like this other girl because i had the first girl on my mind all the time. and i want her back but i dont know how to approach her, how do i approach her and talk to her [its been 3 weeks since we talked] please tell me, i like her so much, advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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