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<--This guy needs help...

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First...Hi there all of you reading this.


It all started out back in beginning of August. I played an online game with this girl...before we knew, we like played & chatted for 6+ hours straight. We like clicked in everything we talked about...and this has been going on ever since. Something happened beginning this month tho...we both declared we loved eachother and started doing voicechats 4 the first time.

2 weeks ago she did mention she didn't want 2 have a b/f because of her studies..she goes to university (I work)...I suddenly felt sad inside but didn't tell her until few days ago...I told her I couldn't put my feelings in the fridge...put them on stand-by...nobody could do that. She told me she knew I didn't like her asking me 2 wait...so she asked 4 a serious chat...she told me I can dig deep.

This is where I need help...dunno what 2 ask...we chatted so much it's like I already know everything of her.


PS : we are meeting 4 the first time somewhere next coming months...she's from Wales & I'm in Belgium (crosses fingers)


Thank you all in advance 4 helping me

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Until you meet, I would just take is very slowly. You don't need to rush or push. If it is meant to be, it will work out without a lot of effort. Just be yourself.


My suggestion is just to tell her you enjoy talking with her and look forward to meeting her.


You mentioned "love".. but really, you need to meet her before you declare that don't you? You may "love" the idea of her but you haven't really seen her bad moods, how she interacts with others, bad habits, etc.. "Love" is the full package.

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