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finally the answers!


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Fellas it's simple: if you're a good looking dude with confidence in yourself, the women will flock to you. As in the animal kingdom, the females choose men who give them that sense of security and the who are the strongest. Though animals use physical altercations to prove who's strongest and dominant, human men have other ways to present strength to females. Ever wondered why women get tired and bored of sucker guys who think that they are doing the right thing by doing everything for them? That may be a sign of weakness, sad but true....I've come to learn that women might not want what they ask for, but the opposite! Remember, we are the most intelligent animals, but bottomline we are still animals and there are just some natural traits of men and women which attract them to members of the opposite sex.

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That's great, Christie! You just made a lot of guys who are a little self concscious about their looks and/or their attitude feel just that much more inferior than they already did. Congratulations! Next time you feel like speaking out for all of the women in the world, why don't you wait until someone asks you first, ok?

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i dont know, i personalyl think her thoughts and opinions on the subject are true of women, and i believe that if people take what she says seriously, they can try, i repeat TRY, to understand women........she amde some good points.........unfortunatley they may be true..........if i was single, i woulde glad i got the inside scoop.........and from my past experiences she hit the nail on the head.............1

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I'm not saying Christie's wrong. I'm just saying that a lot of pretty lonesome guys come here looking for solace and any one who is the least bit shy knows that hearing the old 'guys need confidence' line is like having a dagger your heart. Yes, it's true...girls enjoy talking to someone who is confident about (and comfortable with) themselves. I just get discouraged when I think about the overweight, acne-laden guys who may be a bit down on themselves reading a post like that. The underlying message is 'be good looking and confident'. That's only a piece of it. Yes. my reaction was a bit knee-jerk but all different kinds of guys can find someone, not just the suave handsome ones. At least I'd like to think so.

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blue soul..........u need to read her post again, she said nothing about being handsome.........she just said confidence..........i mean, personally, it might be hard for a pimple-laden dude to be confident, but if he isn't confident, then he is falling victim to thinking he has to be a "tom cruise" look alike............feel me............a pimple-laden dude can be confident in his persona.................i dont think confidence is bad, anyone can find it whithin them selves, all it is is believing in yourself in every step of the way..........

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In my life I've been skinny, fat, confident, and insecure, acne-laden, muscular, dorky, and witty. I've always had opportunities for dates at each phase.


They key is to get out in the world and not hide in a hole. If you can do that, you'll meet your girl.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Confidence can make anyone one attractive. Look at people like Danny Davito (however it's spelt), quite frankly a short, fat, stocky man. Not very physically attractive, but he carries himself with great pride and confidence.


Look at the many plus sized models, queen latifia (however it's spelt once again) to name one. Women who don't fit the "normal" idea of what beauty is. Sure it's easier to be confident when you fit into the mould. People don't give you reason to be unconfident. I wonder how many people only appear confident because they haven't been given reason not to feel that way? If we send our super models over to Japan most of them would be viewed as unattractive. Tall skinny white girls who possess a fiery personality are not viewed as attractive by the norm over in Japan.


That being said pretty much any white guy is a stud over seas. Guys who wouldn't get a second look are dating drop dead gorgeous Asian girls. So what does that tell you? (Move over seas? Hehe) Or that Confidence is not skin deep.

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To Blue_Soul :


So your saying that everything should be sugar coated for those less fortunate looking and that people shouldnt really know the truth? I'm not saying i agree or disagree with the initial post,i just think theres some coffee to be smelt here.


I in no way mean that offensively,but what im trying to say is that i think its best that if people want to grow and change to something or someone that they want to be then it is best that they know the truth,but i agree that things shouldnt be said in a way that delibearately makes people feel bad i.e their looks and stuff.

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